Here is our scenario. I have an old server that is running BM 3.8 SP3, on
NW 6.5 SP3. I installed BM on the primary addresses of the server. I am
moving to new hardware, I have installed BM 3.8 SP3 on NW 6.5 SP3 and
brought the server up. It is in our tree, but this time (per Craig's
advice) I have installed BM on secondary IPs on the server. My plan is to
change the IP address on the old server to something else and then add the
original IP address of our old proxy server to our new proxy server as a
secondary IP. Then I can reconfigure BM on our new server to use that IP
address for proxy and the user community shouldn't notice that anything

Does this sound like it will work? Of course I will need to let NDS synch
for some period of time before I assign the old IP address to the new