I am running ZCM 10.1.3 and created eDirectory user source to access user objects. Managed devices are mainly Windows 2K and Windows XP PCs (at least for now) with Novell client v4.91 SP3 or above. Everything is working fine when the PCs are on the network as Novell client will pass the authentication to ZCM agent.

With laptop users, when the users use the laptop outside the office, they will check on the "Workstation Only" box and only login to Windows Desktop. This causes the ZCM Agent prompting the user to login (pick the eDirectory Tree of ZCM login) which will create a problem when the laptops are used outside the office.

Is there a way that I can configure ZCM agent not to prompt the user to login if the PC does not see the eDirectory tree. When the eDirectory Tree is accessible, then login to ZCM using the eDirectory login ID.

Otherwise, when I roll out the ZCM agent, I will have lots of support calls from users.

Thanks in advance.