It seems like backing up an OES2/Linux server is a mystery to me as I cannot fit all the pieces together.

We have an OES2/Linux server that runs eDir (replica) and ZenWorks for Windows. This server also houses a lot of user files on NSS volumes. The server is at a remote site to our main campus. We currently back up with backupexec but want to move to a more centralized approach (across the WAN). The problem we have is the amount of data that might get backed up. That and I don't see a need for such a program in a linux environment that should be easy enough to backup with tools like tar and rsync.

My biggest questions are with disaster recovery (which really speaks to any of the backup solutions). I can rsync the nss volumes easy enough and use some of the cli tools for the metadata, but eDir and zenworks scare me. What is the basic files that should be backed up to restore a server in the tree? If this server was to go down and I just backed up the data volumes, can you rebuild the server from scratch by installing from DVD and just joining it back to the tree with the same name? Then I could just restore the nss files... I would assume since all of the zenworks data is stored in the tree it wouldn't be a problem (this server is not the master) there as well.

After rsyncing the main data for the server I can use backup software at our main site to get it on tape, but what are the critical/minimum files to restore a server? Do certificates come into plat as well?