all users with rights to get internet access by running clntrust.exe over
the login scirpt are groupmember of InternetUser, and so internet access
works fine since 3 Years over BM 3.8 on Netware 5.1+SP7

User abc can access to the internet from it's own workstation fine, why
clntrust.exe is running. But when this user go to a workstation where
another user xyz is logged in and this user don't have rights to access the
internet, but user abc will only look quick for some informations on the web
so he start the internetexplorer and get the SSL login page, this is right
because clntrust.exe is not running. In the dropdown box he can select his
context an type in user name an password but then he gets the error: "Login
Failed. Please Try Again", i have tested with full distinguished name, same

The only user who can access over SSL login page is the administrator, where
must i look for troubleshooting this issue?

Thomas Kreis