This is ZCM client 10.1.3 from a SUSE server 10SP2

I have two users who can log into the Realm and two that cannot. The only
difference I can see between the two is the working ones have administrative
rights to NDS and the non-working two do not. For the two that don't work a
message that the certificates do not match comes up. This is with LDAP as the
user source and the user containers listed. I currently have it set to not
use SSL for LDAP.

Attached is a log from a workstation right after the login failure. At the
end of it I do see this

[DEBUG] [05/15/2009 13:31:42.359] [1584] [ZenworksWindowsService] [6] []
[RemotingService] [] [ZENGetAuthToken took exception:

-939589605System.Exception: -939589605
at Novell.Casa.Client.Auth.Authtoken.ObtainAuthToken( String sService,
String sHost, WinLuid luid)
Novell.Zenworks.Native.RemotingService.RemotingSer viceImp.ZENGetAuthToken(String
SessionID, String ServiceName, String Host,

String& AuthToken)] [] []

Bob J. Taylor
Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.