First of all: DSfW and Identity Manager as well are 100% new to me...

To establish transparent access to the few windows severs / services I'd like to
have a AD / Domain with all the WS as domain members, so that the Win access will be
more convenient to the users.

Propably I din't get the focus of IDM vs. DSfW so far :-/

- Who could point me eg. to some compare doc to see what's the solution that better
meets the requirements of that site?
- Where will it go to in the long run? (Novell Product Plans) DsFW or IDM? Or both?

So far I couldn't find whitepapers / application notes, propably I just missed the

Any input appreciated (URLs,...)

Thanks, Rudi.

The environment:
I have to service at that site several SLES (9 + 10) servers, several NW6.5.8 eDir Windows XP workstations, some ~ 10 Vista64 for CAD.
About 150 users, licensed = OWS. Out of this currently only NW6.5 and ZEN are used,
the SLES servers are licensed separately for PPS (Product Planning System.)

All NW servers shall be migrated to OES2 linux this year. 2 Node clusters are
optional planned.
The eDir tree will be redone from the scratch, as it's upgraded through all version
and SP steps stating with NW4.11, the hardware to have everything "double" for some
while is available. New IBM Blace Centers, FC SAN.
The main servers are still running on quite outdated Proliant HW 350+.

There are some Win2003 servers for several purposes (MSSQL, Terminal Server, WSUS,
MailMarshal as Anti-Spam solution, Flex-LM license server, ...)

ZCM10 has to be introduced, currently still on ZDM7.0.1.

The mail system still is Tobit David 10 on NW6.5 (Tobit is a small, German vendor.
Ugly, file based email + fax solution, but the user interface is comfortable to the
users). I'd like to move it to GroupWise, as it's included in OWS anyways, and as
*I* prefere GW over Exchange and Lotus, which both are an option as well.

To redo everything including eDir from the scratch is planned anyways.