Hi All,

I believe that the ability to publish Free/Busy calendar status is a fantastic new feature of GroupWise 8, which can greatly help coordinating meetings, conf.calls and projects with external people.

Thinking about how to implement the use of the free/busy feature in our company, however, I can foresee two issues and am hoping you could share some tips as to how to approach them.

1. The free/busy address format is composed from the internal GroupWise PO.DO address format, i.e. http://<webhost>/gwcal/freebusy/JanPopovic.PO-HQGW.DO-HQGW@KEMPINSKI.COM. That means that the addresses will not remain consistent when the user's mailboxes are moved internally between post-offices, which considering the external exposure of the free/busy service, I don't consider ideal. Isn't it possible to construct the free/busy addresses using the Internet e-mail address format instead.

2. I am struggling to work out a concept, which would support adoption of the new free/busy functionality on a larger scale (we're running a 3500 users environment). Is it possible to enforce the population of the free/busy address into the System Address Book and inclusion in vCards that users are attaching to outgoing e-mails.

I appreciate your thoughts and perhaps some background information from the Novell engineering team?

Cheers, Jan