I have Bordermanager 3.7/sp2 on a Netware 6/sp5 server. I use proxy
server, filters & access rules. Our email is just downloading from a
pop3 server into outlook. No exchange server or groupwise. Recently I
have been having more and more a problem with spyware and adware on
pc's. The last laptop I dealt with that was infected with adware had the
problem of IE windows popping up continually with advertisements. It
rendered the laptop useless. I ended up getting off over a 1,000 adware
and spyware things & several trojans. One of them had shut down her
mcafee antivirus. Most of the adware was gotten at shopping websites -
I checked her browser history. Any suggestions or tips on how to thwart
them at bordermanager?

Thank you for any assistance you can give.