This is more of an image management than a package management question but the appropriate forum was read-only.

I'm looking into possibly using zen for managing software on an embedded system, but I have some requirements that I would like to know if zen is capable of handling.

The target system is a dual boot linux box. There are 2 bootable partitions, each with a different software version. I need to be able to upload and install a linux boot image to the non-active partition and update grub to allow access to the newly unpacked image. The user can then reboot into the other partition to activate the new software. If there's a problem they can reboot back into the previous version.

We've done this with home grown tools before but there is a desire for better integration with enterprise level management tools.

I'm not set on handling this exactly as described, so if Zen can manage something similar I would be interested in knowing how and would consider adapting our procedure to work with Zen.

Please cc any responses to bruce.edge<at>