Hi all,

Is there a trick to using "if member of" when the group you're testing for is in an OU that's at the same level as the user ou? For instance
- -myou
- - -groupsou
- - - -davegroup (group)
- - -usersou
- - - -dave

If I'm working in the login script for "usersou", and the user dave is a member of davegroup, is it possible to test for that in the usersou login script? I've tried
if member of "davegroup"
if member of "davegroup.groupsou"
if member of "davegroup.groupsou.myou.myorg"
but none of them seem to work.

Is there something blazingly obvious that I'm missing, or can this just not be done?

I'm using Client 4.91 against NW 6.5 servers, if that makes any difference.