Hi all. I have a BM 3.8 SP3 server that is running very high utilization
during the day. We have about 1200 workstations connecting up to it for
Internet traffic and as soon as people leaves, it drops to
0%...Understandable. We have 1 xeon processor with hyperthreading enabled.
In looking at the health monitor during the day, processor 0 gets pegged
at 50-95% constant during the day and processor 1 just sits idle at 0.
FYI, the server is currently maxed out with 4GB or RAM and LRU sitting time
during the day drops to about 10 minutes (give or take a few minutes) :-(

So, my question is, does BM 3.8 support multiple processors? The short
answer seems to be "no", is this correct? If so, is there anything else I
can do to help better tune the server?

Server info:
NW 6.5 SP3
BM 3.8 SP3