Trying to migrate from a Windows 2000/2003 server to OES2SP1. Have managed to migrate the USER's home directory share although I had to modify one of the script to take a list of usernames and groups we wanted to transfer as the script was failing as the AD contains too many grps and users for the script to hold.

However trying on a larger share now and the ntfsmap script is failing. It taking forever to run and is eventually getting killed by the system.

Looking at the script it is stuck in the line...

ntfs_tree.build_from_ntfs_collection (YAML.load_windows_yaml (input ) )

The input file containing all the Windows acls is 168MB in size so I apprieciate this might take a while. However the script never gets passed this point.

Any suggestions or alternative migration strategies apprieciated as senior management are questioning if a migration back to Novell from Windows is the right way forward.