Hi There,

I can not install BM 3.8 in our network. Situation:

Server Netware 6.5 SP2
NDS version 10551.13
Read/Write Replica from the ROOT on the server.

When installing BM 3.8 at 99% of the installation I get a error "Error
extending Novell Bordermanager Services schema in Edirectory:
insufficient Rights. Extend schema using NWadmin after installation.".
The installation continues after OK and then the error occurs "Error
writing IPcongifuration into E-Directory. Use NWAdmin later to configure
your IP adress and enable HTTP proxy." After the reboot the server
doesn't start BM and when I go to the server in NWAdmin and go to BM
setup I get a message "The Schema cannot be extended. NDS error -659"

I had a specialist looked at it and we did the following:

-Looked at time and NDS Sync (working perfect)
-Repaired a time stamp in the NDS (New Epoch)
-Looked at LDAP (seems te be working fine)
-Extend the schema with NWAdmin (didn't make a different)
-Tried a other server (Same error)

Whatever we did it was impossible to get BM3.8 to get to work. All other
things are working fine there are absolutly no problems on the network.

Has anyone ideas that I can try?


Marcel de Jager