I have a cron job that unloads our content filtering app, our proxy and reloads clearing our BorderManager 3.9 sp2 ,cache and reloads the filtering app.This happens each night.

The server is nw oes2 sp 6.5.8. Below is the error, can anyone help me out on this one? I looked for SCMLIB.NLM in the knowledge base and could not find any references at all.

Thanks in advance.

Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.08: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code 00000000)

CS = 0008 DS = 0010 ES = 0010 FS = 0010 GS = 0023 SS = 0010
EAX = 968CDD60 EBX = 00000000 ECX = 00000000 EDX = 968CDD60
ESI = 005018E0 EDI = A487CEF0 EBP = 968CDD60 ESP = A487CEC4
EIP = 8F7DB046 FLAGS = 00010246
8F7DB046 FF3500901FF5 PUSH dword ptr [F51F9000]=?
EIP in SCMLIB.NLM at code start +00000046h
Access Location: 0xF51F9000

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
8F7DB046 FF3500901FF5 PUSH dword ptr [F51F9000]=?
8F7DB051 83C40C ADD ESP, 0000000C
8F7DB054 C3 RET
SCMLIB.NLM|Java_com_novell_scm_NativeWrapper_Nativ eEventHandler:
8F7DB055 53 PUSH EBX
8F7DB056 56 PUSH ESI
8F7DB057 57 PUSH EDI
8F7DB058 55 PUSH EBP
8F7DB059 89E5 MOV EBP, ESP
8F7DB05B 81EC1C000000 SUB ESP, 0000001C

Running process: Server 329 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: A487CE98
OS Stack limit: A4875040
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 5050010 Blocked on a Mutex
Stack: --00000000 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
--00000005 (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+5)
002A0983 (SERVER.NLM|UnloadLoadedFile+75B)
--968CDD60 ?