Hello NG

On our environment we have a SLES10 Server SP2 with OES2 SP1. The storage
partition i created it with NSS. On this server is the Ralus Agent
(BackupExex 12.5) is installed.

Unforunatelly the backups are very slow

In fstab i modified the following option on the NSS line

DATA /DATA/vol1 nssvol
noauto,rw,name=Vol1,ns=long,noatime,nodiratime,nor ename 0 0

On NSSMU /Volumes / on the volumes properties i changed "Read Ahead Count in
block" to 128.

The backup have a slow performance he can only backup between 900 and 1000
With a older netware server it is possible to backup about 1700 MB/min

Someone does know parameters how to make the backup faster?

Some ideas where the problem could be?

Thanks Ramon