I've got a few odd problems and cant seem to figure them out.

I'm using VMWare Workstation 6 to build/update all of our images. If I pxe boot in VMWare, one of two things happens, either it loads all the way (rare), or it hangs at Sending DHCP request to eth0 then times out (very often).

Now if I use a boot cd, I get no issues and it seems to work fine for the most part. But even recently, uploading a new image has caused an issue where before using the one image, it needs to be chkdsk /r before use, when I upload the exact image from a pc, its fine, but from VMWare, it does this, my guess is its possibly the network drivers VMWare uses because the VMWare virtual disks have been checkdisked/defragged/etc, I even tested and ran chkdsk right before upload, same issue.

Has anyone seen this before/can they help?