I've got an email server (imap.pisgah.us) sitting inside the firewall
(BMgr 3.7). When a client wants to access it from inside the firewall,
the private IP address is needed (, but from outside the
firewall, the public IP address is needed ( The DNS server
in BMgr hands out the correct (private) address for the email server,
but occasionally a machine (mostly notebooks which can operate inside or
outside the firewall) will show the public address even when inside the
firewall, which won't work--can't access email inside the firewall using
the public IP address. My Netware-based DHCP server is handing out the
DNS info, including 3 DNS addresses: the BMgr DNS service, and 2
external DNS service addresses. The only thing I can figure is that
occasionally a machine is picking up the public address for the email
server from one of those external DNS servers rather than from the BMgr
DNS server, which would be giving out the correct, private address. What
do I do? Should I change the configuration of the DHCP server and have
it hand out only 1 DNS address? TIA - JR