Hi, all

I would like to hear your advises and suggestions from you guys for below situation:

We are going to integrate a company(A) to our main Co. network(B) which both side are running GW8 but in different network and both side have multiple eD/PO(office brand based).

In A we will have some users in one of their PO(letz say 20 PO users/mailbox) they will need to be migrated to our PO. We will setup a Netware 65 SP8 server with GW8 from our side and make a route from A network to B network.

What I wish to hear you is what will be the best way to receive these mailbox from A to B?

What I plan is to setup a dummy PO(C) in our netware server and then use the mailbox move from PO A to PO C. Then migrate the dummy PO to our own network. If the mailbox migrated, they will be associate to exist eD accounts.

We used to use the single mail archive to migrate from GW to GW, but this is really annoying on archive/renmae file ID/de-archive, most time we will have the mail lost/corrupt problem by working in this way and we have to search the PO backup if user told they can not find the old mail.

Please share your experience and I really appreciate for any comments/solution and advise.

thanks a lot.