Hi Guys,

Just wondering how brave should we be ?.

We have a VMWare ESX 2.5 production environment [HP hardware] hosting two
NetWare 6.5 File and Print servers. The question is, should I promote the
idea of installing anoth VMWare virtual machine with NW6.5 and BM 3.8 ?.

The firewall will simply be a secondary BM firewall behind a pair of
Cisco PIX [HTTP proxy and Surfcontrol only - no VPN's or other proxies].

Obviously I will have Public and Private NICS [Virtual NIC's]. The killer
is I will need to enable proxy services for approx 1000
users/workstations !.

Should I stay away from this idea, and build a high powered BM server
outside of VMWare as per Craig Johnsons / Novell sizing recommendations ?.