Upon inspection of our firewall logs, it seems to be denying outgoing
traffic from all our machines to the address The traffic is
trying to hit port 44050 with these requests.

Running a whois on that IP address shows us that it is listed as reserved
by IANA.org, and looking up that port number shows it is within a range
that is unregistered with IANA.org as well.

Using netstat -b at the command line, we identified the process ID involved
with this particular connection attempt. The Process ID shown belongs to
clntrust.exe (novell client trust). This was found using process.exe (free
download utility). Process.exe is similar to fport.exe (found here -

I've yet to figure out why Client trust is sending out traffic to that
address, what in the world is going on here? It seems pretty sporadic that
our machines issue a request to that IP address. Is this something to do
with keepalive packets, or...?