BM3.7 sp3 fp4e
NW 6.0 sp5

I load BM manually after the server has come up and sat
quietly for several minutes.
I run the startbrd.ncf (radius is remmed out)

The load process gets to "reading nds configuration" and
sits for about an hour and then BM and proxy services load
This is an IP only server with no replicas. The old server
didn't have any either.


My old BM server cratered and I replaced it with this new
one (Same rev's). New name and NDS context (moved to the top
of the tree). Same IP addresses were used.

The old server used to be called PROXY.CENTRAL.COMPANY
New server is called BM.COMPANY (the names have been changed
to protect the innocent)

I was able to delete the old server from the Central org,
and delete the NBM rule container, but I can't delete the
license objects from this container. It tells me I don't
have rights (even though I'm the one who installed them)

Tim R Hautzinger
Information Systems Manager
Elk Island Catholic School District
160 Festival Way
Sherwood Park, Alberta