I just got NSM 2.5 running with the folks at NSM's help. We setup the
templates and provisioned the space. When I went to one of the users to
verify if they got thier "H" drive I discovered that they did not. Watching
the script run I see the following error. "a network drive cannot be mapped
to a drive that is designated as a locall drive". There are no local drives
designated as H. The client is 4.91 sp5. Server is NW6.5 sp8. I have
verified myself that the user can browse to the designated directory and has
full rights. I am using the MAP H:=%home_directory% variable in the login
script. I have also verified that NSM properly populated the evironment
settings with the following info
Path: \Home\WHMS\Teachers\J\JonesAn

Any ideas?