Netware 6.5 sp3, border manager 3.8 sp3

Running signal sign on all older version of bordrmanager 3.5, 3.7 allows
users to login to our server with an ip address "like below"

Before BM 3.8 sp3

Are upgrading to NW 6.5 sp3 and BM 3.8 the server was still listed as an
ip address. after patching with sp3 for border manger 3.8 it's now using
the servers name as the ip address... this is a problem because I don’t
have an internal dns server to resolve the server host name to an ip
address. Once the client tries to connect the signal sign on login page
fails to load. If the server name is replace with the server ip address
the login works fine. This started only after applying BM 3.8 sp3.

After BM 3.8 sp3

I have searched Novell support and other recourses and have not found a
fix yet… no documentation on the change made in sp3 that would enable this
option by default.

This there something I can change in the proxy config? I have tried
changing the host and hosts file not to list the server name “just the ip
address” nothing has changed

I’m waiting to implement this new server as our internet proxy and this
server name problem is holding me back. If know one has any ideas I guess
I will just have to go back to a unpatched version of BM 3.8 “I don’t want
to do this” I really don’t want to have to setup a private DNS server just
to fix this problem I’m having

Randy Cross
North Gibson School Corporation