We can not get Edir users to authenticate on SLES 10 servers. We have followed the appnote below.

Configuring Linux User Management on non-OES2, SLES 10 Servers | Novell User Communities

When I try to ssh to my SLES 10 server, the message log displays:
"Invalid user USERNAME from"
nds_authenticate()"ldap_compare failed with crypted password
PAM_NAM : NDS Login failed
error: PAM: User not known to underlying authentication module for illegal user.

I have also seen in the message log on the sles server:
/usrsbin/namcd[2905]: populate_userHash_fromNDS: name= USERNAME, dir=/home/USERNAME

So the sles server is communicating with the OES server. It appears that the sles box can not "find" the user.

The user in question is LUM enabled. This is the first time we are using this method of authentication.

any ideas?