I'm a newbee in ZLM. I have installed ZLM 7.2 and am currently testing the creation and deployment of file bundles.
According to the admin guide, I can create system variables that can be overridden at device level and use them for my deployments.

So I tried to define a system variable called jbhome. This variable is overridden at device level because the home directory for jboss has different paths on my devices.

My test deployment (file bundle) should copy the file deptest1 to ${jbhome} to my managed devices.

The deployment occurs and on my devices a new directory labeled ${jbhome} is created under the / directory. The file is copied to this directory instead of /home/jboss (whis is the overridden value of jbhome for this device).

My system variable is not interpreted during the deployment.

Thanks for any help.

Christian Scholtes
Sysadmin at Lu army.