I want to use Pre-Distribution and Pre-Installation scripts to prevent deployment of bundles to devices.

For example: I want to deploy a java ear file only to devices that have java and jboss installed.
So during the Pre-Distribution scripts I test the existance of java and jboss on the device and I want to stop the deployment of the file bundle if this test returns FALSE.

According to the zmd-messages.log The deployment process tests the value of a Stopped boolean:

20 May 2009 08:30:34 INFO ZenService Refreshing capability 'actions'
20 May 2009 08:30:34 INFO Progress Progress.Stop Message:
20 May 2009 08:30:34 INFO Progress Is Stopped value: False

How can I set this boolean in a Script ?

Thanks for your help.

Christian Scholtes.
Sysadmin at Lu army.