We had all our computers on IP with mask and GW split on two location with 100 Mbit fiber between.
Now we have segmented our network with routers on both locations and most of
the computers are still on the above network but the "remote" location is
now on 10.42.48.* with mask and GW We have
routed the traffic so the networks can communicate without a problem.

The PXE servers IP is and is located on the first location. Now,
the computers at the second location boots up and canīt find the PXE server
(I also had to create a new DHCPsrvr on the second location because it
couldnīt find the one in the first location). This obviously has something
to do with broadcast of traffic but Iīm not sure.. Is there any way of
setting an option in the dhcpsrvr to point out the IP of the PXE server, or
is there any other way of letting the computers at the second location know
where the PXE server is ?