Hello All

I have a brand new network with 2 6.5SBS servers, the second is a BM
server. Latest SPs both netware and BM. IManager 2.0.2, latest TCPIP
domestic encryption. Default installations including all the proxies.

It was working except for incoming SMTP so I went and added a filter using
iManager new fast setup wizard. Clicked on a couple of filters on the
rightmost tab for mail on internal network saved it and and everything
stopped working.

So removed the new filters (which were commented as added by wizard)using
filtcfg, no better. Have tracked this down to the fact that as soon as
IPFLT and IPFLT31 (no filtsrv) is loaded the private network card stops
transmitting completely, unload IPFLT31 and it starts again.

Debugging shows transmit failures with REASON 8 - which is supposed to
refer to NW3.11.

Can anybody tell me how I have fouled this up so completely.