Hi again,

Is anyone out there running a HP dl360 g5 with Teamed NICs using the BX2 - Broadcom Netxtreme gigabit ethernet driver. (Buying new nics is not really an option for me) and the clustering services? Might you have some suggestions of setting up NIC teaming for me?

Been using the HP Proliant NIC Teaming - the Easy Way Novell Cool Solutions: Trench - Cool Solutions: HP Proliant NIC Teaming - the Easy Way for all my other servers. Been working great for all my other servers except on the DL360 G5 with clustering. I can access NODE 1 or 2 directly, but can not access any of the cluster resources.

I've found referrences to using the Novell's NIC teaming, but all the links and searches i've done have taken me to dead links.