We have a two node cluster running Groupwise. I have to remove the 2nd server..it hasn't been used in some time. We are changing the way we are doing things. Please tell me the correct way to remove a server from a Novell cluster running Groupwise.

It is Novell clustering. It is only a 2 node cluster. We are going to only use one of the servers. Going to use the 2nd for another application. So, I guess I need to remove the server then remove the cluster? I've not done this. I think it's a test from my boss. I printed out the link that you suggested.
Any other help is surely appreciated.

So, I am following the directions from 3317095. It says to remove the cluster object and it's subordinates. This is a Groupwise cluster. Want Groupwise to run only on one of the servers. In the subordinates is GWMail...this is where our mail lives. If I remove the subordinates of the cluster it looks like our mail will be gone?!
I am an idiot and know nothing about this....PLEASE help.

When this cluster was set up it was set up by a contractor. This is why I need help.
The server that will be kept up with Groupwise on it has two volumes. Sys and Mail. The cluster object has gwmail as a subordinate. The gwmail folder is the one that I used when I needed to work with our Groupwise. I need to make sure that the original server still has available all of the Groupwise information and mailboxes. Is this possible?