How do I enable multiple trusted IP address within Pure-FTP?
The pure-ftpd.conf states:
# Only connections to this specific IP address are allowed to be
# non-anonymous. You can use this directive to open several public IPs for
# anonymous FTP, and keep a private firewalled IP for remote administration.
# You can also only allow a non-routable local IP (like 10.x.x.x) to
# authenticate, and keep a public anon-only FTP server on another IP.

The example shows one IP address. I've tried:
TrustedIP 192.168.10.* for the whole subnet, but a restart of pure-ftp give an error stating it doesn't like the line.
I've tried 192.168.10.x as the explanation displays, no good, same error.
After this is working, then, the next question will be to trust multiple IP addresses, actually, a subnet and several single IP addresses.

Any suggestions? Examples?
Thank you.