We have 2 NBM servers running on our network, installed under the same tree
but in different contexts.
One of them is our firewall, and the other our proxy. The proxy must have
the SAME packet filters that exists on the other server.

The proxy was reinstalled, and we tried to migrate the filters by running
the command filtsrv_backup_filters on the firewall and the command filtsrv
migrate on the proxy. The filters were imported but they don't work. On the
Logger Screen we have some messages:

NDSIAddPacketFilter:NDSIFindPacketFilter failed with error : -6001
NDSIAddRouteFilter:NDSIFindRouteFilter failed with error : -6001

And at the end we have the message Migration Successful.
We have unloaded the filtsrv module, re-loaded it again, loaded the ipflt
module but the filters don't work anyway.

Someone have any ideas?