We have a number of hosts and devices within our private network and across
network links that users access via Internet Explorer. Although our BM3.7
server is setup as default proxy in iexplorer we obviously don't want the
proxy to be used when accessing these local hosts.

We have Tools/Internet Options/Connections/Lan Settings we have "Bypass
Proxy Server for Local Addresses" enabled, but this doesn't work for most
devices and it's not clear how it decides what's local and what isn't (just
hosts on same subnet...?).

Therefore we make heavy use of the "Do not use proxy server for addresses
beginning with" list in the Advanced proxy settings. However, this list has
a 256 character limit, and we've nearly reached it.

So, questions is: is there a way within Bordermanager config to tell the
proxy to ignore certain requests, to pass them back to the browser or to
look locally? Or is thewre another way round this issue of controlling
what's proxied and what isn't?


Steve Law

PS: moving to BM3.8 in a week or two, if that effects things.