We have purchased a Thawte Certificate for our BorderManager 3.8 server
and are having a problem getting it going.

I created the new KMO (BMCACHE1Cert) as per TID 10089761 exported the
CSR got it signed and the certificate imported into the tree fine, it
validates and all is happy. Using NetWare Remote Manager it is working
fine and we have no problems there and we can see the server is using
the new cert once I change the httpstk load parameters. So now to get
BM to use it.

I have then tried to get the certificate working for the web page
authentication to BorderManager. In NWAdmin I went to the cache server
setup, Authentication Context and then changed the KeyID from SSL
Certificate DNS to the name of the new certificate in the tree
(BMCACHE1Cert) - I was under the impression this was all I needed to do,
but couldn't find docs to back this theory up.

When you then try and surf the web you get an error:

HTTP Error
Status : 403 Forbidden
Description : Access has been denied because you are not logged in!
Note : If necessary, please contact your Systems Administrator for

This happens right away, you don't get the login page. Strange.

Any ideas? What have I not done? I have run PKIDIAG on the server and
it finds no errors.