I have a two-fold question about Bordermanager:
1. If your BM server is only for proxy services, meaning that the users login to another server but only use the BM server for Internet access - how do you license that? I am planning on upgrading a NW 6.0 server to NW 6.5 due to the server being 8 years old and having problems. It currently has BM 3.7 installed which I no longer believe you can get. I just want to make sure that we have the correct licenses. As far as I can tell it seems that you only need a license if they are actively logged into the BM machine, which we do not do. The BM machine sits to the side and they just use it for Internet access. Any clarification woud be great.
2. Will the Bordermanager product go away with Netware moving to Linux? Will BM be continued or is there some other product they will use to give you the same functionality, or do you even need something that you have to pay for to get the same service?