I have 2 Servers running NetWare 6.5. Server 1 is running BorderManager
3.8 and has two NICs. One NIC connects to the hub/switch so that client
computers can access the server. The other NIC is connected to a router
that connects to a cable modem. Server 2 is connected only to the router.

So just to clarify...the internet comes in through a cable modem and
connects to a router. Off of the router there is Server 1 and Server 2.
Off of server one is a connection to the hub. All of the client
computers are connected to this hub.

My problem is...whenever I try to access web management features (ex-
imanger, iprint) of Server 2 from a client computer, i get BorderManager
504 Gateway Timeout errors. I'm trying to determine the proper
configuration of the servers to allow client computers to remotely
manager server 2.

The IP addresses are as follows: Server 1 (NIC connected to hub) Server 1 (NIC connected to router) Server 2 Router - Client Computers

Thanks for the help,