When external mail arrives and is replied to, there are no problems. When internal mail is received an replied to, all types of issues occur. Someone with the 7.x or 8 HP client will send me an HTML message. When I reply in HTML, sometimes the original sender's text will be super small, or super large. If I change the view to text only it does not help. Sometimes when I reply it looks fine, but the other GW user I am replying to well send me a message back saying my text is super small. I have set ALL default viewing and composing options, Text and HTML, to Arial 12. In tests I have done the same thing for the other party... and it still jacks up the text when interacting with this client! I have even set reply options to GroupWise Classic and the problem will present. There seemingly is no fix. OS X 10.5.7 I don't know if HP2 will fix this or not. Any clues?