So theres a couple of things at work here
Its a terminal server. The login script does not execute either locally or via rdp
1. Zenworks 10 with group policies set to paranoid. Probably not the issue because it was working fine before -see #2
2. PBKAC - I made some changes to the advanced login settings, like turned off Context browse and tree browse. I also deleted some extraneous reg entries for context. I created 2 locations for our offices too and I have been over the settings for those locations several times.

Should I
1. Reinstall the client. Do a full uninstall and run the client removal tool if it still exists?
2. Restore the registry before I decided to venture into the world of fine tuning the client
4.91 sp 5 2000/xp
Server is MS 2k3 sp 2
Graze mille