We are currently running ZEN 6.5.
I'm interested in learning how to properly image workstations and
reimage PC's that are older and running slow. Refreshing them that way
rather than reformating & reinstalling everything on each PC. Here are
the questions I'm wondering about, mainly about duplication:
Windows licenses
Office licenses
Asset tag information
Computer names

I know I can rename a PC later and change an IP address.

Do you need to image particular makes and models of PC's? ex: Dell
Dimmension 2350 vs 2400
Can they be different partition sizes or hard drive sizes?
I've read something about Workstation Image Safe Data Agent?
What is Sysprep and when do I run it?
Windows SID? (I think I read that somewhere)
Anything else I'm not thinking of to take into consideration.

Any help or direction would be appreciated.
Thank you