My Vista is slow in Novell network.
Don't beat me, please. I know it is not a news. Let me mention some issues:
1. Windows Explorer opens lists in left panel quick, but when you activate a folder, the content is shown ol right panel slowly
2. Total Commander is fast in file and folder listing
3. There is no delays with Windows server.
4. AutoCAD loads .LSP (its applications) files from Novell server slowly, but quickly enough from Windows server.

I digged out the entire Internet and used all the NETSH command that were mentioned. There are some improvements, but a work with refers to Novell server gets people upset.
By issues mentioned above I can conclude that a problem is how some Vista's elements make call to Novell server. Because Windows server responds quickly, I think that to get a quick answer from Novell server we can tweak this server. I am not a Novell administrator, I just tied to wait for a solution from our IT department for months.

Can anybody suggest me something?
I will be very appreciated for any answer.

Thank you.