OES2 Sles 10 SP1
ZCM 10.1.3
Windows XP Pro workstations.

Hopefully I made the title easily searchable for this specific issue. Beginning yesterday morning, any machine that I try to register using a "zac reg" command gets the following message:

Successfully registered with zone "[could not determine]" at URL

On first glance it would seem to be ok except for that "could not determine" part. It turns out that part means the machine can no longer see the ZCM zone or realm and so all ZCM services from remote to delivering policies or bundles is not available. It also causes the Zenworks login to come up when a user tries to login. It doesn't care for my authentication so I have to bypass it. ZCM CAN see the machines though.
So far the issue only affects machines that aren't already registered or get unregistered.
I've already placed an SR on this and hope to have a fix soon but wanted to start this thread on the chance that it's happening to someone else.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?