Hi All,
Odd problem here which i've not been able to find an answer for yet.

But I can send email between user accounts within a post office, I can receive mail from external accounts like hotmail etc to my group wise user accounts. However if i click reply on one of those external messages then the mail fails on clicking send because it can't find the email address in the address book. This is what it complains about, why is that, I don't care the email address isn't in the address book, that shouldn't stop my mail sending.

When set-up as a relay and sending mail using telnet commands:-
telnet {mailserver} 25
helo test
mail from: me@newmailserver.com
rcpt to: user@hotmail.com

And the mail is sent fine to the hotmail account. So i know it is able to work so there must be something strange somewhere stopping me like a security issue or something?

Thanks all