we have a network with 2 BM servers, one is for our labs and the other for
the Faculty/staff, my question is should the servers be on the private side
of BM or the public? I want to use IP only and some time the staff people
need to use the lab server, but they can only connect via IPX for now. we
want to get ride of IPX move IP only (we have to get ride of the NW3.2
first) but the server issue has to be resolved as well. I will try and
explain how I have it set now

BMS1 serves the labs and has pub add 164.x.x.x private add 192.x.x.x the lab
server has add 192.x.x.x and is located behind BMS1

BMS3 serves the Faculty/staff has public 164.x.x.x and private 172.x.x.x
most of the faculty staff are behind this one. I have several servers for
different areas. is there a way to see the servers behind BM from the
164.x.x.x or do all of the servers need to be 164.x.x.x and the workstations
contact them through BM?


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