Hi there,
for me, nothing, absoleutely nothing is working with that §&$( NOWS ..
I am working with SuSE sind 7.0, with SLES since 8, i knew SLOX4 and following, but this NOWS under XEN is breaking me ...

I have installed a dozen NOWS in the last 2 weeks, whenever I had the time I checked everything and so on, an by now, I am ABSOLUTELY frustrated !

I am trying to install NOWS2 with the Evaluation DVD under XEN, Paravirtualised, I followed the guide (NOWS SBE 2 and Xen: Running NOWS SBE 2 as a Xen Para-virtual DomU | Novell User Communities) and it installs almost fine.

After installing, I get the login screen that tells me to use blabla:8181 to configre the server and then, the ocularis infernum opens.

It asks me for registration keys, they worked on my laptop under VMWare, so they must be ok.. ? After some minutes, all fine -> No Updates ???, but ok .. just don`t think about it ..

Next, it configures passwords and network, all fine. It then asks me which components to install, I just choose eDirectory (not to overstrain him .. ), do a Basic Configuration just with the tree name und company name. It suggests to install iManager, good boy, accept and start installation .. Afetr about 5 minutes staring at the website, shortly after "NTP Configuration.." it tells me "Installation wurde nicht durchgeführt" and I am back at the beginning of configuring eDirectory. It asks me for the name of the tree again

When I just install nothing, it tells me to go to "Verwaltung", I log in, and try to start eDirectory Installation from there, I tell him the tree name again, and duck back waiting, but the only thing I see is "Aufgabe wird gestartet" and nothing else happens for about 20 min, 30 min, doesn´t matter ..

When I install it in VMWare, all fine, Sun VirtualBox, all fine, but in your own product, a SLES10 XEN Server on IBM Blade, it does not work .. in that case, that thing broke me ..

Sorry for all that, but I am really really really frustrated, tho I had enough other things to do with my time.

If someone is interesting in helping me with that problem, I can provide everything thats needed, ssh, http, https or whatever.

kind regards, Oliver