Hi All

I get the title message when I am trying to do a backfill (Consistency check) on a particular container. The container has about 3300 user student objects. I get the message before the backfill completes and end up with no results.

Monitoring the process on the Engine, it takes about 2.5 mins to complete the backfill.

I have used backfill on another container in the same part of the tree and it worked fine (many fewer user objects though).

This container and the storage associated with the users objects are based on a remote site.

I am using NSM for eDirectory
and Version NSM Admin utility on XP sp3
Novell 6.5 sp7 all servers
DS version is 20216.03 all servers
There are 2 event servers that have r/w copies of all partitions

I have used monitor on all of NSM servers and none of them go above 9% utilization during the backfill.

I really need to get the storage associated with these users under NSM control, so, any help greatly appreciated.