NW65SP8 with post-sp8 patches including iprntnw65sp8a, running
clutered iPrint. eDir is 8.8.4 with edir884_ftf1_nw applied. All
servers in the tree are running DS.NLM 20217.07. Time is in sych and
dsrepair reports all servers in synch and no unprocessed obits on any
servers. iManager is 2.7.2 via IE7

rmansrvr=3.0.7 March 10, 2009
ndpsgw = 4.01 March 10, 2009
ndpsm = 3.03 March 10, 2009
ippsrvr = 4.02 March 10, 2009

When I try to create a new printer I enter the name, specify the OU,
and the print manager. When I proceed, I get a message "a system
error has occurred." The printer shows up in the print manager (not
bound, obviously--since it has no address information) and I can see
it in ConsoleOne but it is unconfigured and unreachable. If I delete
the printer in the print manager I get no errors or warning message
like the normal (this will also be deleted in edirectory) and the
printer object is still showing in directory services. I *can* delete
it via ConsoleOne and it eventually disappears in dsbrowse. So far, I
am unable to create any new printers since sp8 and patches. I *am*
able to manage my existing printers and am receiving no errors in
doing that.

Has anyone else experienced this? any suggestions?