Excuse my english... :-)
I have accompanied with a lot interest this forum about OES2 SP1 on VM (especifically "OES2 SP1 on XEN - good idea?" thread) because I want to migrate my OES1 + NSS Volumes not virtualized environment to a VMs environment. Beyond the performance, I want to know if the eDir and volumes NSS work well at the XEN and want to use HB + DRBD for mirroring volumes and VMs in another physical machine.
I have:
1 machine IBM x3650 2CPU - 16GB RAM - 2x146GB RAID 1 - 4x146GB RAID 5
1 machine DELL PE2800 1CPU - 6GB RAM - 2x96GB RAID 1 - 4x146GB RAID 5

I was thinking: the IBM would be the master with VMs at RAID 1 and all data / NSS volumes at RAID 5 and the HB + DRBD mirroring it at DELL. The great doubt is NSS, he functions well in VMs? And still more with DRBD?

Any hint will be of great help. Thanks.