Installed Border Manager 3.8 on an existing NetWare 5.1 server.

Border Manager 3.8 SP3
NetWare 5.1 SP8

Server is connected to Internet through ISP's router. ISP's router is
providing NAT service. Internet IP is (example) and server is All IP services on server working fine. Server can see
Internet, etc. GroupWise is running on server and mail is coming in from

ISP added another IP to router and configured it straight through to
second IP on server. This second IP is in completely different network
from first IP. Internet IP (i.e. router's IP) is and server IP is Netmask is

Problem is that from the Internet, the Internet IP is reachable, i.e.
pingable, but the server's IP is not. That is can't ping nor can
establish VPN connection. The server can ping both Addresses, and