The BorderManager server I'm working on have been giving me worries
lately. Last week, our CPU utilzation went to 87%. When this usually
happens, we turn on the tcp debug and check the incoming and outgoing
traffic. When we wanted to go the console to turn the debug off, the
server hung on us. We had to do a hard reboot. This had happened once
every week in two consecutive weeks (don't know if it'll be the same for
this week too). I'd like to find out what causes the CPU utilization to
go sky rocket but don't know which files to look at. I looked at
abend.log but don't see logs on the day the server hung on us. Will
someone guide me on what things to check when the server's cpu utilization
is high.

We aren't doing much on this server. We have a NW65 server SP3, BM38
SP3. This is our DNS, DHCP, BM server.

Thanks a lot