I have a primary ZLM server running on SLES10 SP2 and have a mixture or SLES and RHEL devices.

The problem I am seeing is with patch downloads from the Redhat sight using ZLMMIRROR.

I can attach to the Redhat network and download the latest patches ok and this has worked fine for a while. The problem I am now seeing is in the ZLM database the bundle is now at version 12 but on all my Redhat clients I can only see version 10 and the agent do not see any updates in versions 11 upwards.

I did have this problem previously and deleted the bundle before recreating it thinking it was just a one off but it appears to have happened again. Its almost as if the agent on Redhat hits version 10 and thats it

I cant see anything obviously wrong in any of the logs on the agents or on the server itself

Does anyone have any ideas of what I could look at to try and troubleshoot this issue.